Saturday, August 28, 2010


It had been suggested that I start a blog where those people interested in the Crawford Murder case can exchange ideas, comments or question the author.

As the author of the book I'm also open to critical comment about the book. I'm in the process of re-editing the book for yet another publication, and want it to be the best it can.


  1. Great to see a blog started by the man who brought our attention to this sickening crime.

    I will post a comment to test it out and see how it appears.

    My opinion about Elmer Crawford is that he is probably dead by now and if he is not dead then I think the chances of him being found are extremely slim.

    Why do I believe this? Well firstly Elmer Crawford was smarter than the average murderer. Silly murderers like Robert Farquaharson and Joe Korp/Tania Herman are crazy enough to think they will not be charged and make crazy claims about what happened. Elmer Crawford on the other hand came up with an idea that was literally almost perfect. If the car had fallen from the cliff and found sometime later then it would have been quite believable that he didnt do it.

    In my opinion Elmer would have had a good back-up plan incase things didnt work out. He might have stolen a car a few days before hand and parked it somewhere so it was ready incase he needed to escape. I am also sure he had a large quantity of cash stored somewhere so he could access it without trace.

    I would say he fled overseas or possibly to WA. I would not be too caught up in the 1994 sighting of Elmer at Bunbury. If that was true then surely someone else would have known him. I believe we are relying too much one one persons claims. There have been no other sightings of the man since 1970 so I would not be totally convinced that sighting was genuine. The 1996 episode of Australia's Most Wanted would surely have prompted some calls and reported sightings if he was living in Perth around that time. One womans claims to have seen the main in 40 years just sounds a bit unrealistic in my opinion.

    It would be impossible to live in an Australian Capital City and have no one know of you. I really think Elmer had a good back-up plan and probably fled the country. He may now be dead but even if he isnt, I would doubt we will ever know but I would also love to be wrong as I will be very happy if he ever is found.

    Also on the 1994 sighting, the woman could have followed him for a little bit and noticed if he had a car. All it would take would be his rego plated to track down what name he was living under. I would not be too convinced about that one.

    Would dearly love to hear the opinions of others.

    Michael Grech

  2. According to The San Angelo Standard-Times that body in the morgue isnt elmer crawford. i dont know why this wasnt stated on Australian news but its there on that newspaper site if you type in elmer crawford. So thats the end of that alledged lead to his whereabouts.

  3. Yes we all know that, it was on the Australian news several weeks ago.

  4. I didn't think it would be Crawford. I did a comparison where I put a photo of my father when he was 40 against one when he was in his 70's. You could instantly tell it was the same person. I did the same thing with Crawford's photos and I could see nothing. Shame though. The book will be out again soon. It is with a publisher here in the US, undergoing final Editorial review. There's lots of new pictures, new chapters and a lot of rework on the old ones.
    Greg Fogarty